Which Drinks Go Best With Sandwiches?

When focusing on the topic of sandwiches, the sandwich itself, of course, is the highlight of the food fair. But what is served with it is just as important. The additions can take away or enhance the whole sandwich affair.


Beverages are served with almost any type of food and particularly with sandwiches to help wash them down if nothing else. Plus, a lot of the ingredients that are used in sandwiches can create a thirst. Choosing the right beverage to go with the right sandwich can take the simple sandwich meal to another level.


A lot of times, people don’t realize how well a good glass of wine will go with the different choices of sandwiches. This is because sandwiches are often thought of as being a snack rather than a meal. Most people would not drink wine with a snack. However, the exception to that is when they are having a wine and cheese party.

The Difference

Just as an example of how a drink can make a difference think about a grilled cheese sandwich. Now having that grilled cheese sandwich with an ice-cold glass of milk is going to create a real contrast between the heat of the sandwich and the coldness of the milk.

Now, if that is reversed and the grilled cheese is hot with a cup of coffee or cheese, then the pallet is going to basically be kept on the same level and have a totally different experience.

It’s not uncommon for individuals to have a sweet sandwich like peanut butter and jelly sandwich then have maybe a glass of pop to go with it. This creates an unusual collection of tastes in the mouth as well. So choosing the right beverage can make all the difference with the sandwich that is being served. This is something that should be kept in mind when sandwiches are being chosen for an event.