What are the Best Hot Sandwiches?

One of the most exciting things about sandwiches is the endless number that is available. There are different ways that they can be made, such as hot and cold. Each one of these is a big category on its own.

Two Types of Hot Sandwiches

The two main categories of hot sandwiches are the open-faced and the closed sandwich. What makes them hot is that they are going to be heated in some way. There are more hot sandwiches than what many people realize, and some examples are as follows.


Open-faced hot sandwiches mean that there is usually just one piece of bread, and the ingredients for the sandwich are piled on top. Then it is covered with some type of hot sauce. Classic examples are:

  • Roast beef
  • Chicken
  • Pork

Closed Sandwich

A closed sandwich is going to have the addition of an extra piece of bread on top of the ingredients and then fixed in various ways to make it a hot, closed sandwich.

Other types of hot sandwiches are ones that don’t include gravy or a sauce; for example, it could be grilled cheese. Or it could be grilled cheese and bacon. Or a bunch of additions that are suitable for melting between two different types of bread is another option. It also means that the kind of bread being used can totally alter the taste of the sandwich as well.

Which is the Best?

Which is the best is all going to come down to your number one preference and secondly what type of meal it is being prepared for.

Usually, hot sandwiches are a more substantial meal and are for a heavy luncheon or dinner. Often they are served along with other side dishes. For example, with a closed hot roast beef sandwich, the cook may serve a choice of vegetables and potatoes or rice or even a pasta.