Best Sandwiches for a Party

When it comes time to arrange food for a party, quite often, the thought is that sandwiches would be the most natural choice. However, even though it is evident, they can get quite fancy and elaborate. What kind of sandwiches are best is going to depend on the type of party.

Small Luncheon Party

Sandwiches are an excellent choice for a small luncheon party because they are light and relatively easy to make. Sandwiches that would be appropriate for this type of gathering would include:

  • Egg salad: Egg salad is an easy sandwich to make and is tasty, because of the mix of the mayonnaise and eggs along with any other ingredients the cook wishes to add. It blends well with a variety of different types of bread, which can change the mix and the look of the sandwiches, as well as make them more appealing when different tastes are required.
  • Ham and lettuce: Ham and lettuce are a classic, and now with so many different flavours of ham being on the market, these sandwiches can really be taken up to a different level. Again, they can be changed around with various ingredients, and toppings added. They can be kept relatively simple as a finger sandwich, or they can be made with a Kaiser roll or turned into a really hearty lunch.
  • Peanut butter and jelly: No matter what age the guests are, this will often be a favourite as well because they are a classic combination.
  • Cheese and lettuce: Again, with the great variety of cheeses, a simple cheese sandwich can be a real experience when it comes to offering a choice.

Once the necessary ingredients are chosen, then the little extras can be done by using different slices of bread, not only to create flavour and texture but looks as well.